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Sue Colwell Mobile Holistic Therapies in Lanzarote

Sue Colwell is a Lanzarote Mobile Holistic Therapist. Offering Visits to Villa Casa Albryna   

Treatments offered

About Sue Colwell

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Treatments Offered, suitable for both men and women 

Indian Head Massage. This ancient Indian Technique has been adapted for 21st Century relaxation and stress relief. Working on the shoulders, neck and scalp.  No Need to undress. 30 min 25€

Reflexology. Pressure is applied to specific areas of the foot to stimulate corresponding parts of the body. The goal is to normalise bodily functions, encouraging use of the bodies own ability for self healing. 60 min 35€

Reiki. Reiki is a mind, body and spirit therapy. This aims to balance the bodies natural energy centres to release stress and enable the body to heal itself.  No need to undress. 50 min 35€

Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy massage combines the therapeutic power of touch with the properties of essential oils. After initial consultation, essential oils are blended to suit each clients needs. There are many essential oils, all with varied properties. For instance, lemon oil can stimulate the body's own immune system and is a good general tonic for the digestive system. Rosemary is valuable for respiratory, rheumatic and arthritic problems. Also excellent for tired , overworked muscles. Lavender promotes relaxation and can relieve many forms of head ache and muscular pain.

Aromatherapy massage is deeply relaxing and suitable for both men and women.

Aromatherapy Prices .

Back massage                    30 min  25€ 

Full Body massage           60 min  35€

Lymphatic drainage         60 min 35€

Full body, face & scalp    80 min  45€

Hands or Feet Massage    15 min  14€  Due to travelling costs, to be combined with other treatments

Leg Massage                      20 min  19€  Due to travelling costs, to be combined with other treatments

Face & scalp                       30 min  25€

For appointments or further information telephone Sue - 0034 -650 117 059

Or email -

You can pre book your Lanzarote treatments, before you arrive at Villa Casa Albryna 

Ask Brynette to arrange for a visit for you, or contact the therapists directly

Please be patient if therapists do not answer their phone

It usually means they are working, please either leave a message or send a text

* Sue Colwell is a Mobile Holistic Therapist. based in Lanzarote, offering Visits to  Villa Casa Albryna  

Contact, questions and appointments 

For appointments or further information telephone Sue - 0034 -650 117 059

Or email -

You can pre book your treatments, before you arrive at Villa Casa Albryna

Ask Brynette to arrange for a visit for you, or contact the therapists directly

Please be patient if therapists do not answer their phone

It usually means they are working, please either leave a message or send a text


To Brynette at Casa Albryna - Sue's massage is very relaxing and soothes away any aches and pains I have. Its great to have some real chill out time as I lead a very busy life. Its marvellous that she comes to my home because afterwards I can just continue to relax and chill out. I totally recommend her to you.
If you need more info please do not hassle to contact me.
Sandra Van Moer
Atelier Sandra

To Brynette at Casa Albryna.My name is Siri McNamara, 65 years of age, Norwegian, and I have lived here for about 3 years. I see Sue on a regular basis. I lead a very busy life and sometimes it is physically stressful and I suffer with arm,- shoulder,- neck and lower back pains. After my massage I always feel much better and very relaxed. Often I feel so relaxed that I have a nap and wake up feeling wonderful.
When my friends and family from Norway are visiting, they all enjoy a relaxing massage for various reasons, i.e. back pains, pure relaxation and stress. Sue also gives me reflexology which can be a 'good pain' and again leaves me very relaxed. 
I give Susan my fully recommendation.
Best regards Siri McNamara

To Casa Albryna, I had a back massage by Sue recently because I suffer with neck and shoulder pain due to my work. I found the massage very relaxing and was pain free afterwards. I am going to have regular massages with Sue and am really looking forward to having a full body massage. I recommend Sue to all my friends and to you.
Kind Regards

About Sue Colwell

Sue Colwell - Dedicated to the power of Holistic Treatments

A Qualified Professional, Social, Cheerful, Caring, Experienced Therapist. Offering Relaxing Therapies. Also a Good Listener.

Treatments for Women & Men

Sue Colwell, History

Working in with severe learning difficulty children and teenagers was her first introduction to aromatherapy. It was mooted that the aromas & massage could key autistic patients into calm & activities. Sue understood & believed, and everything fell into place. She enrolled in the last place available, in a college course.

The power of Touch

Sue enthuses “When these sorts of coincidences happen, I believe you are on the right path “

However, at that time, educational powers only partially funded the use of aromatherapy and use of massage, so Sue decided to also go part time and open her own centre. Sue really enjoyed this time in her career and had regular clients who became friends. Taking real joy in enabling a stressed out teacher or plasterer de-stress as their muscles were relaxed.  Sue truly believes in aromatherapy, reflexology and Reiki, but aromatherapy is her favourite.

Sue states

“Often we do not realise how stressed we are. Stress, whether environmental, physical or emotional can cause us to be tired, irritable and have aches and pains, and often leads us to get into a viscous cycle of problems. Therapies can help break that cycle by allowing ourselves to have some time for ourselves. Many people never allow themselves any time to just ‘be’

“Even here in chilled out Lanzarote many people face economic, emotional and physical problems and can feel over-whelmed. We all need some time-out. A Lanzarote Massage can help by reducing muscle tension and relaxing the mind, body and spirit. The power of Touch

A caring touch goes a long way to feeling better.

Once de-stressed we can focus more clearly and feel more relaxed in general. Clients on their Lanzarote holiday may bring problems from home and need de-stressing and a chill out period, they may have a shoulder problem that massage can help.

They may never have tried Reflexology or Reiki and during their Lanzarote Holiday is a great time to experiment because they have the time.

I feel passionate about my therapies because I have seen the benefits they bring.

Passionate but not pushy, because to each his own, is also something I also believe in.

So now you know a little more about Sue!

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